Perfect Money

The easiest and most profitable earnings Ethereum!

Opportunity to earn up to 10,000 Ethereum, everyone!!! The first unique blockchain project created on a verified open source smart contract!!! Everyone can take as much as he wants!!!

Most importantly,in this project it is impossible to lose your Ethereum,as all transactions occur from wallet to wallet between project participants!Nothing is stored on the smart contract itself.

Cost of participation in the project:

Your contribution will be only 0.05 Ethereum.That's less than $ 15 today! And the first person you invite will return your Ethereum back to you.Then you will only profit!!!

Each member's account is in a smart contract, not on the site, so it cannot be blocked or deleted even by the site administration. On the website CRYPTOHANDS in your account (without a password) displays only the information of each account, taken from the smart contract Ethereum. Therefore, it is impossible to hack the account and change the participant's wallet.